Training and Awareness

Cybersecurity Basics

This course is an introduction to the present day cybersecurity landscape, touching upon all aspects of the subject. Primary focus of the course is on acquainting the audience with contemporary cyber threats and how to defend against them. 

Cybersecurity Advanced

This program is focused on understanding in detail the major attributes of cybersecurity such as – technology, culture and methods. This course will equip the audiences with a pragmatic and innovative proficiency in fending off cyber threats.

Sector Specific Programs

Our thorough training content deciphers the intricacies of sector specific regulatory and statutory requirements and simplifies them. We work across sectors – IT / ITeS, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive and E-commerce.

Risk Culture Program

This course intends to strengthen the risk culture inline with leadership vision by developing change plan for learning and communications. We also develop in-house capabilities for organizations to run the risk culture program.

Custom-built Trainings

We create custom training content on topics ranging from Cybersecurity, Emerging Technologies, Information Security Best Practices and Enterprise Risk Management suited to an organization’s context. We develop content for new joiners, employees, C-Suite, professionals and youth.

Cyber Regulation Trainings

Leveraging our experience and expertise of implementing numerous regulatory standards and frameworks for industry leaders we are well positioned to assist our clients in comprehending applicable and globally accepted regulations / laws / frameworks.